{ About the artist }

Jeice D Hernández C. Professional in art and photography. Studies in Fine Arts from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, postgraduate studies in Photojournalism and also in Digital Image UAB. Postgraduate studies in art Actual Art: analysis and management,and Master studies in analysis of contemporary art from the University of Barcelona (UB).

She has participated in differents seminars related to art and its different expression means . (Architecture, photography and painting).

Since 1997, She began to work on projects, most of them in mixed techniques, symbolic and sometimes expressionist, that have had a constant multidisciplinary interaction with Photography, Plastic Art and literature. Most of the time this work developing a research and creative scheme at the same time.

One of the central topic of her work is the city in relation to its inhabitants and the importance of the imaginative act as the connector of people and that which surrounds them. She has also participated in different researches and publications.

2001-2002 Christie’s House auction a charity sculpture, sponsored by the arborizarte program. Also in that year her photographic work was selected for the children's book of Colombia sponsored by the University of Salamanca-Spain.

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·       THE LEGACY OF FARYTALES 2013-2016

Itinerant, Netherlands - Spain

·       CHARACTERS 2012

Gallery The red box

Zaragoza, Spain

·       PERCEPTION 2006

Sala de exposiciones   Travesera de Gracia 1

Barcelona Spain.

·       REFLECTIONS 2005

Sala de exposiciones   de Gracia

Barcelona Spain.

·       BOGOTA 2002

Sala de exposiciones Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia.





·       X-MAS SHOW 2011.

Gallery Taller de Artista. Barcelona Spain

·       GRISART 2004

Escuela de fotografía gracia, Barcelona Spain

·       OPOSATS (PHOTO) 2003

Ayuntamiento de Barceloneta

Barcelona, Spain

·       HOPE 2002

Analogue photography exhibited in Salon of Photography II Salamantina  Fototeca,2002
University of Salamanca.

Muestra feria del libro Bogotá, Colombia.

·       TODO ES POSIBLE 2001-2002

Arbolizarte Ministry of Culture Project
Fundación corazón verde
Sculpture, auctioned by Christie's
For charity

·       CONTACT 2002

Gallery cooperartes Bogotá, Colombia.

·       COLlECTIV 2002

Centro Colombo Americano Bogotá, Colombia.


Gallery Sala de Espera Bogotá, Colombia.

·       NUTS 2001

Drawing Exhibition
II of the Arts Award Uniandinos Bogotá, Colombia.

·       ADMIRARTE 2001

Gallery Casa Cuadrada Bogotá, Colombia.


Gallery Sala de Espera Bogotá, Colombia.

·       COLLECTIV 2000

Sala de Espera Bogotá, Colombia.

·       FHOTOIII 1999

La candelaria Bogotá, Colombia.


Universidad de Los Andes Bogotá, Colombia.


Tadeo Lozano Bogotá University, Colombia.


      Nacional University Bogotá, Colombia.


Seminars and courses

Management of commercial sites. Spanish Confederation of Commerce, Barcelona 2011
From the imatge to the word.  Visual poetry as poetic discourse. Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA). Barcelona 2010
Exposicions history. Més enllà de la ideología del cub blanc (MACBA). Barcelona 2010
Miralls Trencats. The photography as speech. By Joan Fontcuberta.
MACBA Barcelona 2003.
Photography Thought . Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia 2000
Art-chitecture. Luis Angel Arango Library, Bogotá, Colombia 1999.
Space museumLuis Angel Arango Library, Bogotá, Colombia 1998
Curaduria. . Luis Angel Arango Library, Bogotá, Colombia 1998
Book Artist.  
Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia 1998
Dramatic Arts. School of Dramatic Art, Bogotá, Colombia 1999-2000

Artistic Experience

PAINTING. Her professional experience in painting dates back to 1997, from which began participating in exhibitions and work directly with artists that needed work style. He continues to develop the theme of imagination, through stories and classic tales in his paintings.
PHOTOGRAPHY. "Reports artistic" work for different companies and institutions from 2002 to date.

DRAWING. Nuts drawing work that was later selectioned for the II prize Uniandinos of the Arts, exibition in the Uniandinos gallery 2001
SCULPTURE. "Everything is possible" 2000-2001Work  to charity promotionated by  Christie `s, selection of the best artists from each university to make an Art-work based on a tree structure, Arbolizarte Project, Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Heart Verde.
Universidad de los Andes Tutoring 1998-2001 Photo Monitor, laboratory management and technical knowments.
DOCUMENTATION. July 2000 Photos and plastic conception of the play and puppets "rose paper".
Puppet theater group and moon fire. Ministry of Culture of Bogota, Colombia. Creating the set direction of material handling and construction of the stage and subsequent documentation of the work.
PAINTER. 1999 Workshop maestro Guillermo Espinosa.
SCULPTOR. 1998Taller sculptor Enrique Rodriguez




Art must enclose a meaning, not just to convey a proper feeling if not to bring something to people who have contact with it, carrying a message, something that transcends, art can be purely contemplative and that does not have less value, however since my first artwork I saw art as the essential element and the perfect means to move something in people, for me, the artwork is not the end, on the contrary it is the beginning, the trigger for anything else. I do not think you have to be inspired to create because creation is inspiration itself, art must inspire those who make it and who observes.

Throughout time, there is something that has always been present in our lives. Tales, stories and legends have, at some point crossed our paths, reviving our imagination as well as becoming part of popular culture, mostly due to their symbolism and meanings.
This interest in the relationship of these stories and the bond between people and literature, in the today world, is what has led me to develop research for more than 20 years on this issue, which has resulting in several works mainly based on the union of text, image and meaning.
(I consider most of my paintings symbolics and/or expressionist mixed media)As in these particular Stories, I base my work in hidden meanings, using layer , between shades, textures, colours and fragments from the texts. These generate unique images that aim at showing recognisable elements that produce short moments of connection and the possibility of creating new meanings out of those elements.

“There is something magical about fairy tales. Something ancestral and mystic, something that makes us feel suspicious at the entrance to a forest. Or something that urges us to seek the protection of a fireplace and a roof as night falls. There is something about fairy tales that provoke their charm to stay with us ever after, that guides us over the years in search for prince charming and remind us how to defeat evil witches that haunt us around life’s ins and outs. That “something” is magic, and we see it emerging every time in Jeice Hernandez’s brush strokes. A young artist with an outstanding technique indorsed by her great classic training”.

Ana Trigo, Art Critic and Consultant. Madrid 2012