{ Paint me a story }

This project of 10 paintings, aims to create spaces for reflection on the folklore, values and traditions that are transmitted through the Colombian stories, also articulates children's activities to promote reading, writing and painting, based on cultural programs such as reading is my story (the national reading and writing), and the story of Rin Rin I tadpole written by the Colombian Rafael Pombo Rafael Pombo that together with the appreciation and appreciation of the visual arts, promoted by the project, make a complete experience, not only directed the public reader letters but also the image reader.

This particular project, talks about the current situation in the country making a parallel between the story, which serves as a link between the message and its meaning; innocence, hope, stubbornness, disobedience...

To take children to the war years ago resulted in the loss of childhood. This work is a way to remember those lost, those little details that broke an important part of our country. This is to bring the average viewer of a familiar story that has characterized the childhood of Colombians for years, to create a reflection on our own history.

  • Historia patria
  • El juicio final
  • Muchacho no salgas